Rukia ran to the school bathroom to puke.She played the scene of a few minute's ago in her head .

(A Few Minutes Ago)
She walked up the steps to the roof.Not feeling well at all.Rukia sat down next to Ichigo.After a while,Ichigo noticed she wasn't eating,"What's the matter with ya Rukia?" "Oh,nothing.I'm just feeling a bit sick."As if on cue,Rukia's  insides began to churn.She began to run to the bathroom.As she left,Rukia heard Tatsuki call out,"You didn't get her her pregnant did ya Ichigo?"She didn't have to be there to know that Ichigo was scowling.

'Could that be why I feel so crappy?'thought Rukia.After she was done throwing up,she began to walk back.'No!No!No!Never!.....But could I?'