Looking around at the beautiful landscape surrounding her, Tsunade felt powerful, almost godlike. With her new 3 mile stature, no human weapon could even dream of causing the slightest bit of damage to the colossal bikini-clad blonde. Wishing to show off her newfound power, Tsunade decided to have a little fun.

"Listen to your goddess, pathetic humans," Tsunade shouted. "It's time I showed you a demonstration of just how strong I've become."

Lifting up her right foot, Tsunade hovered it above the tallest building in the village.

"Now, witness the strength of your goddess!"

Tsunade lowered her foot on top of the building; however, instead of using her entire sole, Tsunade only hung her pinky toe over the top of the structure. The building struggled to stay erect against the weight of Tsunade's mighty toe. After fighting hard to retain its position, Tsunade let out an evil giggle as she felt the tallest building in the Village Hidden in the Leaves fall beneath her weakest toe.

"Now you see how powerful I am!" Tsunade exclaimed.

"I can't believe how much fun I'm having," the gigantic bombshell thought to herself. "This beats out being Hokage any day of the week! I should've become a goddess a LONG time ago!"

Looking down at the now ant-sized people who were at Lake Tsunade at her new size, her lake seemed very small to her, a puddle at best; it was ideal for a village, but Tsunade was the goddess of the Earth now and it would not suffice for the new Tsunade. Looking around at the landscape before her, Tsunade searched for some sort of a uninhabited area where no one would be caught in her creation. Soon after she started looking, Tsunade realized that at her size, the task was impossible.

"Why should I care whether or not they die in the construction of my newest testament to my power anyway?" Tsunade justified in her head.

Simply inching her body a mere couple of centimeters, Tsunade was now directly before the neighboring country, the Land of Rocks. Chuckling to herself slightly, Tsunade turned around; adjusting her lace black panties a small bit, she lowered her massive butt onto the country, annihilating all of the denizens within and destroying any trace of a civilization that resided there. Standing back up on her feet, Tsunade turned around and saw the massive imprints that resulted from the impact. Satisfied with her work, Tsunade again yelled out loud enough for the entire Earth to hear her:

"This is where a monument will be built in a tribute to my godliness. It will be a perfect scale-model statue of myself which all residents on this planet must bow down to. Also, if you are within a 100 mile radius of this statue, you must come to it and worship it, cleaning it, kissing it, whatever your goddess wishes."

Neku's mocking voice raised itself in Tsunade's head again. "A scale model? You realize that by the time they’re done, you will be dead."

"Well then, what is your solution?!" Tsunade yelled, the people below again thinking that she was crazy.

"Simple. Consider it a gift ‘Goddess’ Tsunade."

With a slight chuckle, Neku's voice and presence vanished again. At that very instance, a statue formed that appeared as a perfect image of Tsunade, wearing the same exact outfit that Tsunade wore at this very instant. Quickly, it sprouted like a plant until it reached Tsunade's height. Shockingly, the statue appeared human; it had color, depth, and all of the qualities a human would have.

"Is this thing real?" Tsunade muttered cautiously.

"Indeed," Neku responded in her head. "Worshipping something made of stone is just so boring and old fashioned, don’t you agree?"

Chuckling, Tsunade answered, "Nice thinking Neku."

The enormous Tsunade smiled at her doppleganger; this would suffice.

"Now my subjects," Tsunade shouted, "bow to my likeness!"

Not wanting to anger the giant former Hokage, the people of Earth quickly began to bow down and worship the living statue of Tsunade. In a surprise even to Tsunade, the statue spoke to the worshippers surrounding it.

"Lick my feet!" the statue commanded. Without hesitation, every follower in the area began to lick the statue's toes with the intent of pleasuring it.

"It has a mind of it's own?" Tsunade asked in shock.

"Yes Tsunade," Neku said to her. "It acts as you would act, and you shall feel all of its benefits."

Almost instantly, Tsunade felt a pleasurable sensation emanating from her toes, as if someone or something were licking them.

"Mmmm..." Tsunade purred. "This statue is absolutely perfect; it looks and acts just like its model: Me! I never knew I was so...sexy." Tsunade grabbed her large endowments and smiled at their size; with a body this atttractive, she was destined to become a goddess.

"Now that this statue is in place, I think it's time I expanded my following. Get ready world, prepare to accept your goddess!"

As Tsunade finished her proclamation, she felt a familiar pulsation exploding from within her. When the pulsation faded, the bikini-clad babe began her latest and strongest growth spurt to date. Tsunade did not have an exact size in mind; she just wanted to be bigger, a lot bigger. The almost orgasmic feeling spread throughout Tsunade's body, pleasuring her in ways that she never imagined. Moaning loudly, Tsunade was growing at a rate which exceeded all of her past growths; in record time, she reached the point where her "double" was eye level with Tsunade's kneecap. Fearlessly, the double bowed down to the true goddess.

"Make the universe your own," the statue said calmly.

Smiling, Tsunade could not help but feel a bit nostalgic as she nodded at the model of herself and continued to grow. 5 miles, 10 miles, Tsunade was searing through these heights in mere seconds until her growth stopped when she was a most wondrous 25 miles tall.

"So BIG!" Tsunade shouted. "I love getting stronger...I am a growing girl after all!" Tsunade let out an evil laugh as she admired her new size; the continent was spread out before her eyes, now smaller than ever.

Tsunade began to realize that she was ready to expand her reign to the other countries of the world. However, something bothered her inside: The other countries would be able to trace her origin back to the Leaf Village. If Tsunade truly wished to become a goddess, there could be no trace of her place of origin. Looking down at the Village Hidden in the Leaves, a twisted smile formed on Tsunade's face. Bending down towards her left foot, the massive woman picked up the tiny village and placed in between her breasts.

"I'm sorry my little village," said the 25 mile tall Tsunade, "but I'm afraid you've become a liability to my ascension. You see, as a goddess, I must leave all traces of my mortal life behind...and destroy any and all evidence of it."

The people of the village began to panic, trying to flee the massive bust of the evil giantess.

"Try all you want, but there is no escape from your prison. It was fun while it lasted..."

Tsunade cupped one large mammary in each hand and quickly pressed them together, instantly obliterating the Village Hidden in the Leaves into many insignificant pieces; in an instant, Tsunade had extinguished countless lives of her former worshippers.

"You're not gone yet, little village. I'm afraid I have to completely get rid of you all..."

With that, the blonde bombshell lowered her face to her large bust and began to lick the remains of the destroyed village, consuming her former home. A minute later, the village had completely vanished from the face of existence, eaten by its beautiful goddess. Wiping off her mouth, Tsunade smiled in victory.

"That tasted great!" she boasted. "Now, there is absolutely no trace of my human origins. I am now officially a true goddess! I can finally begin my reign as goddess of this pathetic planet."